Benefits to CiiA council members (CCMs)
  • Who can become a CCM?

    A student of any age up to age 27, studying in any institution can apply online for membership using FORM-1. After acceptance by CiiA management, CCM status shall be granted.

  • Who is a promoter CCM & what’s the benefit?

    A CCM can opt to be a promoter CCM by an email requesting to grant a status of a CCM. The benefit is that a promoter CCM can provide reference for new CCM applications or help them or apply on behalf of the student.

  • Incentive for enrolling CCMs

    A promoter CCM shall help / recommend a new applicant in completing enrolment FORM-1, shall be entitled to get an incentive @ Rs. 150 for enrolling 10 new CCMs. (Incentive @ Rs. 15 per additional enrollment is applicable)

  • Promoter CCM’s incentive for enrolling an innovator

    Recommending or helping an innovator in applying for participation in the CiiA-3 Innovations Exhibition & Competition by completing FORM-2, shall be entitled to get an incentive of Rs. 50 per successful enrollment.

  • Write a blog and earn an incentive

    Council members are encouraged to write blogs and can write blog content on creativity or on innovations or inventions or an interesting reading, which, if accepted by CiiA - Editorial team, shall be hosted on the website in the blogger’s name.

    The content shall not be more than 500 characters, excluding spaces & the blog title. Each published blog content shall be offered up to Rs. 500, depending upon the impact it creates and the star rating of the blog (as adjudged by the CiiA -Editorial team). Student exhibitors are by default accepted as the CCMs

  • Other special benefits:

    Council members shall get regular updates on the CIIA activities & related information.

    Free entry pass at the CiiA-3 Innovations Exhibition & Competition

    CCMs can team up with the exhibitor student in presenting their exhibits.