Benefits for the empanelled institutions*

*Schools / Science Colleges / Polytechnics, ITIs, Engineering Colleges IIT (B), Pharma & Chemical Technology Institutions and others.

Institution’s brand building opportunity at CiiA-3 – IEC (Innovations Exhibition and Compeitition)
  • Exhibition Space - Here the empanelled institutions can buy a stall space in the CiiA - Exhibition to showcase its educational highlights, its edge & superiority* to promote its brand value, goodwill & popularity among students.

  • Student participation in CiiA-3 - IEC is only accepted through the Institution’s recommendation.

*It's an opportunity for the institution to showcase scholarship offers, their innovation infrastructure & ecosystem so that students prefer joining the institution in their next term.

Empanelled Institutions can participate in offering Tech-solutions, at a cost for the Industries and other Applicants**
  • When a student exhibitor from an Institution is a Winner in the CiiA-3 competition, in any category, the Institution is also awarded the CiiA Trophy

  • The Institution’s name is tagged at the Exhibitor’s Stall

  • Empanelment is Free and that it’s at zero cost to the Institution

Other collateral benefits for empanelled institutions
  • Free passes to empanelled institutions for the CiiA-3 Award Presentation Ceremony to be hosted at the Nehru Centre Auditorium on 2nd Feb 2024. A minimum of 2 passes are offered to an empanelled institution. Furthermore, if the exhibits are more than 2 in the CiiA-3 Innovations Exhibition & Competition then additional passes @ 1 per exhibit shall be issued to the institution.(Example: If there are 5 exhibits from a particular institution then 2+5 free passes can be issued to the institution, subject to their request & availability of seating capacity.)

  • Dignitary seating pass - These shall be offered to the institution’s trustees, chairpersons, directors & owners, on their request.

  • VVIP seating pass - An empanelled institution can make a request for number of passes they would need in this VVIP seating category. The number of passes to be issued shall depend upon the demand and the seating capacity in the VVIP category and accordingly seats allotment shall be offered.

CiiA Certificates Awarded to Coordinators, Mentors & the head of Innovations Cell

These shall be issued to the teaching staff of an institution whose exhibits are accepted by the CiiA - selection committee for the CiiA-3 Innovations Exhibition & Competition

Click here (FORM-4) to register with CiiA.

CiiA expectation from empanelled institution
  • Awards Categories are International/High Schools, Science Colleges in MMR, and Technology Institutions: Category; Engineering + Technology Category: Bio, Pharma & Chemistry. In each Category, the Awards are 1st Prize & the Runners-up Prize.

  • Technology Institutions can participate from the States of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, South Rajasthan & South MP.

  • To Empanel, Institutions to complete and submit FORM-3 online, from website: Click here

  • CiiA helps motivate students to innovate by conducting a Free seminar on Institution’s premises or zoom

  • Participation with CiiA helps Institutions improve their NAAC Rating.

  • CiiA has 134 Institutions onboard. For details see website: Click here